Each and every person is influenced one way or another. We are influenced by different things some of us are influenced by our friends and family others are influenced by the news or what goes on around them either way to be influenced mean to affect or change the decision making of someone as they mature, behave, or think is to walk in a direction or live your life in a way that is not your completely your choice.

The moment you make a conscious deliberate decision to change your way of doing things or want better things for your life no matter what, at that moment life changes for you. Affirm you’ve made a decision not to do things someone else’s way again and stick to your decision not to be influenced by anyone or anything ever again.

It is not going to be easy because those who often influence you are not going to be happy with your decision-making because it no longer benefits them. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy in life. If you want your life your way, what sacrifices are you willing to make. As the old Latin saying goes… Si vis Pacem, para Bellum!

If you want peace, prepare for war!


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